Amaya: Phantasmagorilla? No! Phantasmagoria
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Composer: Amaya, Efrain
Written: 2007
Country: United States
Period: 21st Century
Form/Genres: Opera
23 Apr 2012
Amaya: Phantasmagorilla? No! Phantasmagoria
Here we are! At the opera! (1:53)
Of wishes and pennies (1:44)
Dormite mi niño (1:15)
My sweet boy I'm no ghost (2:35)
Grandma, I so miss your smile (0:43)
Nessie?! You came here too? (1:03)
How did you find me? (1:25)
You are nicer over here (1:11)
Of science we talked (0:55)
Hey boy! This is the time (1:42)
You mean, you will be gorilla ghosts? (0:34)
It is you!! You! who is killing (1:46)
Mrs. Cirkem! My science teacher! (0:39)
You think of them as creatures (2:37)
It's us!! We're taking a walk (1:18)
I think I am amused (1:37)
Fight Bernard! (1:41)
She's the one who's being jumping around! (1:02)
You speak music! (2:15)
I was dreaming (1:23)
Wake up Bernard! (1:39)