Ginastera: Variaciones concertantes, Op. 23
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Composer: Ginastera, Alberto
Written: 1953
Country: Argentina
Period: 20th Century
Form/Genres: Concerto , Variations
16 Mar 2017
Ginastera: Variaciones concertantes, Op. 23
Conductor: Hugh Wolff
Ensemble: NEC Philharmonia
Theme for violoncello and harp (1:49)
Interlude for strings (2:03)
Humourous variation for flute (1:02)
Scherzo variation for clarinet (1:58)
Dramatic variation for viola (3:28)
Canonic variation for oboe and bassoon (2:21)
Rhythmic variation for trumpet and trombone (0:36)
Perpetual motion variation for violin (1:03)
Pastoral variation for French horn (1:18)
Interlude for wind (1:51)
Reprise of theme for double bass (1:38)
Final rondo variation for orchestra (4:00)