24 Feb 2013
Zoltowski: Intermezzi per pianoforte
Composer: Maciej Zoltowski
Recording Date: Mon 11 Dec 2000
The idea of writing Intermezzi for piano emerged during my stay in Künstlerhaus Schloss Wiepersdorf in Germany. The atmosphere of this place had awaken two opposite feelings: lazy, as passing outside of time reflection and tempestuous, even importunate manifestation of activity. Such are these three pieces. The thing connecting them is their harmonic structure - one chord with its symmetrical transformation. The chord itself is at the same time object of perception and subject of happening action. Everything what "happens" in this music I tried to educe from dynamics characteristic of such an phenomenon, which the chord is. Author's interference resolved itself into careful listening. 8’
I - Intermezzo I (5:42)
II - Intermezzo II (2:01)
III - Intermezzo III (3:52)
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