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Frank Bridge: Violin Sonata (1932) - John McLaughlin Williams, Violin
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John McLaughlin Williams, Violin Diane Huling, Piano For many years after his premature death Frank Bridge (1879-1941) was just a footnote in Benjamin Britten's biography (Bridge being Britten's principal teacher). Yet he alone among English composers of his generation trod a lonely path toward forcing English music (in its prevailing romantic-pastoral style) to come to terms with European modernism. Beginning as a highly effective romantic composer of chamber music, songs and the famous suite "The Sea", Bridge consciously tied up loose stylistic ends during WWI and embarked on a journey that ultimately gave his music a searing expressive power. His significant audiences (who remained in thrall to his earlier, more easygoing efforts) were completely bewildered by the appearance of works like the 3rd and 4th String Quartets, Piano Trio No.2, Oration and the Violin Sonata. Bridge suffered neglect in performance, and critical rejection, though this was ameliorated to an extent by patrona
Composer: Frank Bridge
Instrument: Violin
Form/Genre: Sonata