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A Far Cry - Jones: Three Views of a Mountain (Kip Jones, violin & Karl Doty, bass)
Seeded by afarcry on 27 Jun 2012
Author: violafisher
Kip Jones: Three Views of a Mountain -- Concerto for Violin, Double Bass, and String Orchestra Notes by the composer & violinist, Kip Jones: "Three Views of a Mountain is a concerto in three movements, arranged fast-slow-fast, that highlights the common ground between the two most disparate members of the string instrument family. It opens with the soloists, together as a speeding train, dodging large blocks of harmony from the orchestra. The entire first movement is a study of permutations, twisting and manipulating its stark themes in an overt and simple way. For me, it is childlike anticipation. The second movement is based on a twenty-two beat clave, ticking away silently in the musicians' minds underneath a folk song, played against its own skeleton; the effect is a many- layered, untrustworthy environment: fearing no evil but still, after all, walking through the valley of the shadow of death. Whereas the first movement is anxiety and expectation, this is the experience itself,
Artist: Karl Doty
Ensemble: A Far Cry