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1280 x 720px GIAN FRANCO CECCHELE tenor PAOLO WASHINGTON bariton TEATRO SAN CARLO DI NAPOLI LAMBERTO GARDELLI dir. LIVE 1968 By the early 1950s, Tebaldi was firmly entrenched at La Scala. But a new star had appeared on the scene -- Maria Callas. In 1950 Callas was taken on at La Scala as substitute Aida for an indisposed Tebaldi. Matters came to a head in 1951 when both were with an Italian company touring South America. Perhaps unwisely, the two of them were engaged to appear in the same concert. Afterwards Callas accused Tebaldi of breaking a no-encore agreement, when she delivered not one but two extra arias. The squabble continued when Callas criticised Tebaldi's interpretation of Violetta in Traviata, which Tebaldi has to transpose down, and suggested that she give up the role.[citation needed] The in-fighting continued during the rest of an acrimonious tour.[citation needed] The culmination of this rivalry came in an article in Time magazine where Callas was quoted as saying tha