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Water Ruminations - III. Water from your spring - Tom Flaherty
Seeded by tomflaherty on 23 May 2012
Author: TomFlaherty2
III. WATER FROM YOUR SPRING What was in that candle's light that opened and consumed me so quickly? Come back, my friend! The form of our love is not a created form. Nothing can help me but that beauty. There was a dawn I remember when my soul heard something from your soul. I drank water from your spring and felt the current take me. Texts by Rumi, translated by Coleman Barks © 1995 Coleman Barks. Used by permission. Performed by the Millennium Consort, Martin Neary, conductor, and the Pomona College Choir, Donna Di Grazia, director. Water Ruminations is a setting of six poems by the thirteenth-century poet Rumi, in English translations from the Persian by Coleman Barks, for double choir and organ. The poetry sings of literal and spiritual connections between water and sky, a drop of water and human life, flowing water and love, drinking water and its container, the giddiness of spring and rolling seas, and the ocean's gifts and singing. Its images, from 800 years a
Composer: Tom Flaherty
Artist: Martin Neary
Conductor: Donna Di Grazia
Presenter: Pomona College