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Avguste Antonov,"Minding Your Business" TV Show, part 2
Seeded by aantonov on 11 May 2012
Author: avguste
Avguste Antonov- guest on the Manhattan (NY) tv show "Minding Your Business" ----------------- I am excited to share with the world my interview on the Manhattan (NY) tv show "Minding Your Business". I thank June Middleton for working with me and my crazy schedule and having me on the show. It was a pleasure and a great opportunity. This is part 2 of the show. As you watch the video, I would like to make a small correction on something I said on the show. When I was talking about my upcoming CD and fundraising, I mentioned the amount needed to be $8000 .This number is actually wrong and comes from a discussion with a previous label. The correct number needed is actually $3000 for the CD to be published, released and distributed by Arizona University Recordings.
Artist: Avguste Antonov