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Avguste Antonov,"Minding Your Business" TV Show, part 1
Seeded by aantonov on 11 May 2012
Author: avguste
Avguste Antonov- guest on the Manhattan (NY) tv show "Minding Your Business" ----------------- I am excited to share with the world my interview on the Manhattan (NY) tv show "Minding Your Business". I thank June Middleton for working with me and my crazy schedule and having me on the show. It was a pleasure and a great opportunity. The show was shot on February 15th. Would you believe that I actually flew the same day from Texas to New York? And what is more crazy is that my flights got delayed by like 2,5 hours due to weather. Visited like 3 different airports in 1 day.... So instead of actually arriving in NY/NJ at like 5pm local time, I arrived at 7:25pm local time. And on arriving, thanks to flutist Carla Auld, I rushed to the shot location.
Artist: Avguste Antonov