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Road to Carnegie Hall: 12 Things To Know About the MSO
Seeded by milwaukeesymphony on 1 May 2012
Author: milwsymphorch
The Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra is thrilled to play in the Spring for Music Festival at Carnegie Hall as part of our 53rd season! In honor of our 12th visit to Carnegie Hall, here are 12 things you may not know about the MSO. Special thanks to the Milwaukee County Historical Center, the Milwaukee High School of the Arts and Academy of Accelerated Learning (Milwaukee Public Schools). Speakers: 1. Roger Ruggeri, Bass, Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra 2. Peter Szczepanek, Acting Assistant Cello, Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra 3. Steven Pickett, Senior at Milwaukee High School of the Arts 4. Mark Niehaus, Principal Trumpet, Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra 5. Francesco Lecce-Chong, Assistant Conductor, Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra 6. Jessica Marks, Music Teacher, Academy of Accelerated Learning (ACE Program) 7. Margot Schwartz, Second Violin 8. Ramie Camerena, Events & Communications Manager, Alterra Coffee 9. Maryellen Gleason, President & Executive Director, Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra 10. De
Instrument: Bass ; Trumpet ; Trombone ; Timpani ; Violin ; Cello
Festival: Spring for Music Festival