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Beethoven - Serenade in D major, Op.25 - Pahut (flute), Kashimoto (violin), Poppen (viola)
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Emmanuel Pahud (flute) / Daishin Kashimoto (violin) / Diemut Poppen (viola) 11th International Pharos Chamber Music Festival Royal Manor House / Kouklia May 2011 The Royal Manor House / Kouklia is one of the finest surviving monuments of Frankish architecture in Cyprus and an unparalleled venue for intimate chamber music performances. The building also houses an archaeological museum, which records the rich history of human activity in the region from about 2800 BC to the present day. The Royal Manor House, which is part of the Cyprus Tourism Organisation's "Aphrodite's Cultural Route", is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. Palaipaphos, or Old Paphos, was a city-kingdom of Cyprus and one of the most celebrated pilgrimage centres of the ancient Greek world. It was the site of a famous sanctuary of Aphrodite, the oldest remains of which date back to the 12th century BC. This video is property the Pharos Arts Foundation and used strictly for publicity purposes