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"Life is Beautiful" - A Thanksgiving Message
Seeded by tussah on 7 Mar 2012
Author: tussahvh
An original composition to remind everyone to be thankful for everything. Love peace and truth forever.. happy thanksgiving! ^^ LYRICS: Some of you are unhappy, spending time grumbling away Thinking about that thing that just didn't work your way. Sometimes it's hard to think what to be thankful for But in the end, it's what you have that matters most. Be grateful that you're standing on the earth and breathing -- That's enough. Be grateful for the snow or sleet Or the gentle breeze that surrounds our world. And just give thanks, 'cos life is beautiful. Stop wasting time thinking what you could've done. Not seeing you're missing out on all the fun. Sometimes you wish that life would change -- Enjoy yourself, 'cos when it's gone you'll miss it most. Be thankful for your family, your friends and those you really love, Be thankful for food on the table and the warmth inside your home. And just give thanks, 'cos life is beautiful. This Thanksgiving remember to appreciate Y