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Tim Jansa: Concierto Iberico (for Orchestra) - II. Faith
Seeded by timjansa on 12 Feb 2012
Author: TimJansaComposer
2nd movement ("Faith") of "Concierto Ibérico" (2009), Concerto for Euphonium, by German-American composer Tim Jansa (b. 1974) with The United States Army Orchestra and Adam Frey as soloist. NOTES: Religious and spiritual faith is the common bond holds many cultures together, and the people of Spain are no exception: throughout its history, faith presents the one driving force that permeates every aspect of society and cultural endeavor. But unlike other societies, the people of the Iberian Peninsula not only practice faith in reverent and quiet devotion: they also cheerfully celebrate their beliefs in joyous festivals -- something that becomes easily apparent in this piece. The movement opens with a slow and introspective theme in the English horn that leads into a prayer-like section in which the solo euphonium appears to freely and meditatively improvise over a sparse orchestral accompaniment, while distant church bells call the faithful to worship. But soon, trumpets herald th
Composer: Tim Jansa
Artist: Adam Frey
Ensemble: Bond