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Tim Jansa: Concierto Iberico (for Orchestra) - III. Fire
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Author: TimJansaComposer
3rd movement ("Fire") of "Concierto Ibérico" (2009), Concerto for Euphonium, by German-American composer Tim Jansa (b. 1974) with The United States Army Orchestra and Adam Frey as soloist. NOTES: Fire is primal, elemental, passionate, fascinating, and barely controllable. Since the beginning of recorded history, it has been at the center of events that shaped the fate of humankind -- both for good and for evil. But fire also has an unrivalled cleansing power: the old, the outdated, the sins of the past can all be erased through the flames of a purifying fire; and probably no other festival in the world embodies all these aspects of fire like the Fallas of Valencia. Like the fallers during the Despertà which starts every morning of the week-long celebration, several orchestral hits awaken the audience and ring in the festivities of the day with an explosive display of firecracker and fireworks barrages. The sheer overwhelming sensory impact of the celebratory crowd and the masterf
Composer: Tim Jansa
Artist: Adam Frey