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Tim Jansa: Concierto Iberico (for Orchestra) - I. Courage
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Author: TimJansaComposer
1st movement ("Courage") of "Concierto Ibérico" (2009), Concerto for Euphonium, by German-American composer Tim Jansa (b. 1974) with the United States Army Orchestra and Adam Frey as soloist. NOTES: Loosely based on the Pamplona encierro during the festival of San Fermín, the first movement opens with a fanfare-like motif reminding all those who are about to face an insurmountable challenge -- in this case the bulls -- to gather their strength and courage for what is to come. During the introduction sequence, the mood alters between confidence, nervousness, fear, and peaceful resignation to one's fate. When the running begins (represented by a driving rhythmic accompaniment in the orchestra), nerves flare and fear returns, only to be interrupted occasionally by brief episodes of rest and reflection; but ultimately any doubt vanishes, courage returns and confidence prevails. Finally, this very tightly constructed movement which presents a true tour-de-force for both the soloist and
Composer: Tim Jansa
Artist: Adam Frey