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"Vistas" acclaimed 3-part 'Canon' by Mark O'Connor feat Yo-Yo Ma
Seeded by markoconnor on 8 Feb 2012
Author: markoconnor
"Vistas" critically acclaimed 3-part canonic composition by Mark O'Connor featuring Yo-Yo Ma and Edgar Meyer "Based on the two most extended pieces the trio played Monday, "Vistas" and "Poem for Carlita," it seems that O'Connor's composing has broken through to a new, and deeper, level. The shifting textures of the canonical "Vistas" took a relatively simple and sweet theme and developed it in a manner as satisfying as it was surprising, allowing O'Connor to blend his influences into a wholly cohesive and personal statement." by David Royko, Chicago Tribune Q: 'Vistas' is recognizable--strongly so--as a Mark O'Connor composition, but at the same time, I can not imagine this coming from you 10 years ago. At the risk of overstatement, it strikes me as perhaps the beginning of a new phase or new level of composing. (Watch, you'll tell me it was something you pulled out of your closet from 1978!) How does this piece define your development to this point? (CT) A. Yes, Vist
Composer: Mark O'Connor
Artist: Yo-Yo Ma ; Edgar Meyer