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Henry Purcell: Strike the Viol; Thomas Cooley, tenor
Seeded by voicesofmusic on 26 Nov 2011
Author: Walvis2007
The invocation to the musical instruments of the Muses, "Strike the viol, touch the lute," from Henry Purcell's "Come ye Sons of Art." HD Video from the Purcell Project by the San Francisco based Early Music ensemble Voices of Music. Featuring Thomas Cooley, tenor; Lisa Grodin & Carla Moore, baroque violins; Elisabeth Reed, viola da gamba, Hanneke van Proosdij, harpsichord; David Tayler, archlute. In the title, the word 'touch' means to play a note or chord, and the word 'strike' similarly means to draw the bow across the viol string. The text resonates on several levels, as 'strike' also refers to the drawing of a circle with a compass, which was the 17th century symbol for the 'diapason' or musical octave, and, by extension, the alignment of world harmony with the music of the spheres. In Speculum Topographicum (1661), Arthur Hopton wrote, "Place the one foote of your compasse...with the other strike the portion of the circle," and Dryden writes in his Ode for St. Cecilia From harmon
Work: Purcell: Orpheus Britannicus: Suite of Songs
Strike the viol
Composer: Henry Purcell
Ensemble: Voices of Music
Presenter: Voices of Music
Instrument: Tenor ; Harpsichord ; Archlute ; Violin ; Viola da gamba
Form/Genre: Song
Period: Baroque