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Alexander Frey plays Dupré's "Evocation" and Jongen's "Toccata" from Symphonie Concertante
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MANAGEMENT FOR ALEXANDER FREY: WORLDWIDE: Christian Catena I.U.M.A. Management Worldwide, Via Montecassiano 157, A/7 - 00156 Rome (ITALY) Tel. 0039 06 04508732/4115308 Fax 064115308 IN THE UNITED STATES: Craig Urquhart The Craig Urquhart Agency 450 West 24th Street, Apt. 4B New York, NY 10011 World phone: 646-354-0250 E-mail: http://www.thecraigurquhartagenc... In this video, Alexander Frey plays Marcel Dupré's "Evocation" and Joseph Jongen's "Toccata" from Symphonie Concertante for organ and orchestra transcribed for solo organ by Alexander Frey. Live performance at the International Organ Festival co-produced by Trinity Church, (Wall Street, New York City) and Torrence and Yaeger.
Artist: Alexander Frey
Presenter: Toccata