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Seeded by Ivo Antognini on 4 Jun 2011
Author: emiolian
Andreas Christi Famulus by swiss composer Ivo Antognini. Cappella Nova (Scotland) : dir. Alan Tavener 21st November, 2010 : St. Andrews-in-the-square, Glasgow - Scotland **Finalist in the 2011 Simon Carrington Chamber Singers Composition Competition** "Andreas Christi Famulus" is one of the winners in the choral category at the Contemporary Americana Festival 2012 - Boston Metro Opera - USA Andreas Christi Famulus Dignus Dei Apostolus germanus Petri et in passione socius. Videns Andreas Crucem, cum gaudio dicebat: Salve, crux preciosa, quae in corpore Christi dedicata es. O bona crux. Now this Andrew was a worthy Apostle of God, for being a servant of Christ and a brother to Peter, he was in death made like unto them both. When holy Andrew sax the cross, he said with joy: Hail, O precious Cross, Sacred to the body of Christ. O gracious cross.
Composer: Ivo Antognini
Ensemble: Cappella Nova ; NOVA