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A Far Cry - W.A. Mozart: Serenade no.6 in D major "Serenata Notturna", K.239
Seeded by afarcry on 29 Mar 2011
Author: violafisher
Recorded from the program titled, "Primordial Darkness", which was A Far Cry's 2010-2011 Boston Season Opener at NEC's Jordan Hall. As our esteemed & lovely Annotator & Musicologist, Kathryn Bacasmot puts it: "In the years surrounding the composition of the "Serenata Notturna," the prolific teenager/20-something Mozart penned a list that reads like the lyrics to the holiday song, "12 Days of Christmas": sixteen minuets for orchestra, eight minuets for piano, six piano sonatas, five violin concertos, four symphonies, two church sonatas, two masses, and an opera. That's not even half of his output during the decade, for included are a smattering of divertimentos and serenades -- nearly one of each per year. The real treat of hearing the Serenade No. 6 in D Major ("Serenata Notturna"), K. 239 is that is it not "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik," (which was written a little over a decade later). With so much Mozart from which to choose, it's rather astonishing that audiences are somehow always
Artist: Jordan Hall
Ensemble: A Far Cry