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IV. Erstarrung from Schubert's Die Winterreise
Seeded by henrypleas on 3 Mar 2011
Author: hpcalaf
Tenor Henry Pleas and pianist Helen Raymaker at Schubertiade 2011, Pianoforte Foundation, Fine Arts Building Chicago. I search in the snow in vain For a trace of her footsteps When she, on my arm, Wandered about the green field. I want to kiss the ground, Piercing the ice and snow With my hot tears, Until I see the earth below. Where will I find a blossom? Where will I find green grass? The flowers are dead, The turf is so pale. Is there then no souvenir To carry with me from here? When my pain is stilled, What will speak to me of her? My heart is as if [frozen]1, Her image is cold within, If my heart should one day thaw, So too would her image melt away!