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Sahba Aminikia talking about his third string quartet "A Threnody for Those Who Remain"
Seeded by sahbakia on 1 Mar 2011
Author: sahba99
On Oct 28 & 29, YBCA presents Kronos Quartet: Black Angels: The program features the world premiere of a new work co--commissioned by YBCA and the Kronos Performing Arts Association, String Quartet No. 3 "A Threnody for Those Who Remain; ????? ?? ???? ??????????", by 29--year--old Iranian composer/pianist Sahba Aminikia. This new work for quartet and electronics is deeply informed by Aminikia's childhood during the Iran--Iraq War in the 1980's and includes recordings of the iconic air raid alarm of his youth, as well as TV and radio propaganda from that era.
Composer: Sahba Aminikia
Ensemble: Kronos Quartet