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"Snowball" - Your Bad Self band Live at the Stone in NYC
Seeded by tedhearne on 12 Aug 2010
Author: cmc59
YOUR BAD SELF is a sextet, a rhythm orgy in the first throes of its insurgency, illuminating the maze without helping you out of it, and still a good time even in this, the worst financial crisis of our age. Your Bad Self is the official experimental/crunk/2-step band of Obama for America, the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Your Bad Self can be seen in New York, Charleston, and other fine environs. The music is written by Ted Hearne. Please visit our myspace page! Enjoy, Chris
Work: Hearne: Snowball
Composer: Ted Hearne
Conductor: Ted Hearne
Ensemble: your bad self
Instrument: Tenor
Venue: The Stone
Period: 21st Century