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Douglas Townsend's CHAMBER CONCERTO NO. 3 for Flute, Horn and Piano and String Quartet (1970)
Seeded by douglastownsend on 31 Jul 2010
Author: douglastownsend
Soloists Albert Pae, flute, Kelly Csillam Misko, horn, and David Oei, piano, together with the Townsend String Quartet, perform the world premiere of the string quartet version of Composer Douglas Townsend's CHAMBER CONCERTO NO. 3. The premiere was part of a concert of Facebook friends, produced and curated by Douglas Townsend, on April 20, 2010, at Saint Peter's Church in Manhattan. The string players are: Eriko Sato and Jessica Parker, violins, Chiu-Chen Liu, viola and Lindy Clarke, cello. Sound engineered by Eric Somers of Sandbook Studio. Video shot and edited by Dan Simon Filmmaker.
Work: Townsend: Chamber Concerto no 3 for Flute, Horn, Piano and Strings
Fast (Rondo)
Composer: Douglas Townsend
Instrument: Flute ; French Horn ; Piano ; Violin ; Viola ; Cello
Form/Genre: Concerto
Period: 20th Century
Festival: First Annual Social Networking Concert