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Ludwig van Beethoven - "Moonlight Sonata" (1st Movement)
Seeded by debby on 10 Jun 2008
Author: ManHoPark
A little preview of whats to come with Altrax The Alien. TraVisT's (manhopark) disbanded solo career has had several influences because of this iconic character. Issues with TraVisT's self perception as a solo artist that halted him from remaining with his past image included: 1. He is/was very conscious about remaining within the public eye. 2. He has very talentless vocals, & was self perceived as a mediocre singer-songwriter/rapper due to failed views on YouTube. 3. He is/was no sex symbol. 4. The notation, video editing was giving him severe eyestrain, which halted his music productions. So, after thinking about a fellow who he use to work with, with a job he held, he remembered the guy jokingly saying to him, "Are you an alien?" Because during break he would stay in his pod without making any social interaction for a month. And after thinkin