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Revolution! Real-time composing by the Blind Ear!
Seeded by raylustig on 11 Jul 2010
Author: BlindEarMusic How does it work? The Group: - any number of musicians and one real-time composer - real-time composer operates the central computer each musician has a laptop connected to the central computer via wi-fi Basic flow: - real-time composer (propagates) sends the music to different players during the performance - musical notation is displayed in front of each musician on the laptop screen Synchronization: - there is no conductor - players see visual cues showing them which notes they are supposed to play at any given moment. - to further improve synchronization, each player has his own earphones with a click-track (short sounds clicking the beat) Shaping the music: - each performance is based on pre-composed loops (short fragments of music, usually few bar long). Having basic building blocks, composers can free their minds in to create spontaneous, unique compositions. This concept is a blend of composition and improvisation. - instant feedb