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"It's Never a Choice" and "In the Market Squares" (from SEMMELWEIS, by Raymond J. Lustig)
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Author: Archipelagance
From a workshop of part 1 of SEMMELWEIS at Galapagos Art Space, Brooklyn, New York, Dec 2009 Music by Raymond Lustig Text by Matthew Doherty Matthew Doherty and Matt Gray, Co-Librettists "It's Never a Choice" sung by Daisy Press, and "In the Market Squares" sung by Abigail Fischer. Also featuring Patrick Porter with Charity Wicks (piano), Camila Barrientos (clarinet), Russell Durham (mandolin) Produced by American Opera Projects Directed by Matt Gray Musical Director, Charity Wicks Video by Christiaan Koop About SEMMELWEIS Vienna, ca. 1848 Hungarian-born obstetrician Ignaz Semmelweis, working at Europes premier hospital the Vienna Algemeine Krankenhaus, is drawing upon every experience of his life as he struggles to find the solution to one of history's most devastating childbed fever epidemics, which is killing mothers at a horrific rate. But convincing the world of his simple solution will be a battle not just against the rigid Viennese status quo, but against h