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Tom Flaherty-Scenes From Sarajevo-V
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Author: TomFlaherty2
premiered September 15, 2003 Gwendolyn Lytle, soprano; Cynthia Fogg, viola; Tom Flaherty, cello Bridges Hall, Claremont, California Scenes from Sarajevo is based on six poems by Pasadena poet Beverly Lafontaine. In a world with instantaneous dissemination of words and pictures, the cruelty and hardships that humanity inflicts upon itself are commonplace, although the details vary from one time and place to the next. The siege of Sarajevo has its own unforgettable imagery that no one exposed to the media in the early 1990s can easily forget: innocent people crossing a city bridge sporadically shot by snipers. A cellist playing alone in a town square, in defiance of the shells exploding around him. The news of many long-missing men discovered alive (or sometimes dead) only by their appearance on the television. Bodies floating down the river through the center of town. Ms. Lafontaines poems eloquently convey these scenes from various perspectives, often with an entirely unexpected inti
Composer: Tom Flaherty
Artist: Cynthia Fogg
Ensemble: River