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Remembrance of Things Present
Seeded by tomflaherty on 15 Jun 2010
Author: TomFlaherty2
Available (in a better performance!) on Albany Records (Troy 1495) I wrote Remembrance of Things Present to fill a spot on a program of new chamber music in 2006. It seemed to me there was a need for something light on a concert that otherwise featured music weighty in tone or conception. A dance, perhaps, or a lullaby. Somehow the unceasing daily news of violence and its aftermath kept interrupting my thoughts, and wove its way into the music. There are still fragments of song and dance, but they are often framed or interrupted by responses to grittier reality. -Tom Flaherty recorded by Barry Werger,Ullanta Arts portions used in the Ullanta film "Heirlooms"
Composer: Tom Flaherty