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Mark O'Connor/The Knights - "Harmony" 9/11 Anniversary NYC
Seeded by markoconnor on 20 May 2010
Author: markoconnor
Mark O'Connor and the Knights Chamber Orchestra featuring Colin and Eric Jacobsen. World Premiere performance at Merkin Hall commissioned by the Musicians for Harmony Musicians For Harmony, an organization founded in response to the tragic events of 9/11, asked me to compose a chamber orchestra piece for their September 11, 2006 concert in New York City . I have composed "Harmony" for this remembrance concert. What I wished to do in composing this music was to reveal a more Middle Eastern tonality to my style which is derived from American folk fiddle music. As I become more and more familiar with American music in my own musical journey, I also learn that the music I like so much has many layers. It exposes mystery in its origins when one cares to peel back these layers. It is likely these Middle Eastern cultures play more of a role in American fiddling (and American music in general) than previously thought. In "Harmony" I use descriptive phrases printed in the score to indicate t
Composer: Mark O'Connor
Artist: Eric Jacobsen