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Donal Fox: Homage to Elliott Carter and Arnold Schoenberg, Merkin Hall, NY
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Author: LeonellisMusic
Homage to Elliott Carter and Arnold Schoenberg by Donal Fox Donal Fox, composer/pianist Commissioned by The World Music Institute and Thomas Buckner Merkin Concert Hall, New York November 16, 2000 Published by Leonellis Music (BMI) Donal Fox: Gone City (New World Records) Donal Fox is a Steinway Artist Management: Bernstein Artists, Inc., New York Email: Tel: 718-623-1214 Review: From "View From the East: The Talented Donal Fox" By Greg Sandow © 2001 NewMusicBox What Donal does, first, is to add an ostinato bass (or ostinato-like bass; I didn't check to see if the two note pattern literally repeats). It sets up a jazzy rhythm, though, so suddenly the Schoenberg-derived notes above it start to hop. It also creates a strong tonal center. Here we run into a familiar phenomenon of extended 20th-century tonal harmony: Any note in the chromatic scale, played over a tonic pedal, will sound like it belong
Instrument: Piano
Period: 21st Century