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Vivica Genaux sing the aria for Farinelli: Qual guerriero in
Seeded by BillStensrud on 21 Feb 2010
Author: lzzyl
This aria was written for Farinelli (Carlo Broschi) by his brother Riccardo Broschi. I upload it only for study because I am very interesting in the Vivica Genaux's phonation skill and appearance of mouth. You can see her lips oscillate rapidly like hexapod's wings and her mouth shows botchy "crying-face", but the voice is most wonderful. Genaux's skill is different from Bartoli's. Thanks!
Work: Broschi: Idaspe
Qual guerriero in campo armato (excerpt)
Composer: Riccardo Broschi
Artist: Vivica Genaux
Instrument: Mezzo Soprano
Form/Genre: Opera
Period: Baroque