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Monteverdi: Parlo Misero
Seeded by emn on 23 Jan 2010
Author: magicminstrel
Sprezzatura sings Monteverdi's "Parlo misero" at Sastamala Gregoriana 2008. Tuuli Lindeberg & Hanna Järveläinen, sopranos, Jussi Lehtipuu, bass with Michael Fields, theorbo and director. Parlo, miser, o taccio? (Battista Guarini) Parlo, miser, o taccio? Sio taccio, che soccorso avrà il morire? Sio parlo, che perdono avrà lardire? Taci, che ben sintende chiusa fiamma talhor da chi laccende; parla in me la pietade, parla in lei la beltade e dice quel bel volto al crudo core: chi può mirarmi e non languir damore? Should I, poor wretch, speak out or hold my tongue? If I keep silence, will death ease my troubles? If I speak, will boldness be forgiven? Stay silent! For a smothered flame is clear indeed to he who lit the fire; I heed the promptings of mercy, she heeds the promptings of beauty, and the handsome face says to the stony heart: who can see me and not pine for love?
Artist: Michael Fields
Ensemble: Sprezzatura
Presenter: Early Music Network