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Alain, Silbermann & Bach
Seeded by steven on 18 Nov 2009
Author: StefanoF87
Marie-Claire Alain plays the end of the Fugue (and the coda of the Toccata) in D minor BWV 565 at the Silbermann organ of Dresden and speaks about Silbermann -"the Stradivarius of organs"- and about the Bach organ knowledge Marie-Claire Alain joue la fin de la Fugue (et la coda de la Toccata) en re mineur BWV 565 à l'orgue Silbermann de Dresde. Elle parle aussi de Silbermann -"le Stradivarius de l'orgue"- et de la connoissance de Bach de l'orgue
Work: Bach: Toccata and Fugue in D minor, BWV 565
Instrument: Organ
Venue: Hofkirche
Period: Baroque