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When Jesus Wept
Seeded by sdg on 17 Nov 2009
Author: SDGmusic
The Ural Philharmonic Orchestra performs American composer William Schuman's "New England Triptych", under the direction of conductor Alan Heatherington. Featured in the video is an excerpt from the second movement, which is based on William Billings' hymn, "When Jesus Wept", the text of which is as follows: "When Jesus wept the falling tear In mercy flowed beyond all bound; When Jesus groaned, a trembling fear Seized all the guilty world around." This video is a snapshot of a musical project in Ekateriburg, Russia, sponsored by Soli Deo Gloria ( For more information on this project, visit the weblog of Chandler Branch, CEO of Soli Deo Gloria, at Connect with us on Facebook - Follow us on Twitter -