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Immersive vs Interactive Technology | Evolution of the Arts in a Digital World Symposium [02/17/21]
Seeded by edmontonsymphony on 20 Feb 2021
Author: Edmonton Symphony Orchestra
With the many different types of digital technology available for use, deciding which technology to use can be a big step. Luckily, we’ve compiled a panel of local experts who will share their experience working on various immersive and interactive projects in Edmonton and Calgary. They will provide advice, recommend specific technologies, discuss the prevalence and changing methods of creating immersive and interactive experiences, and leave audience members with an understanding of the ways in which they can utilize these technologies to expand their organizational offerings. Some questions the panelists will tackle include: • Where do you recommend organizations begin when they’re planning to include immersive or interactive technology in their organization’s daily activities? • If you could provide one piece of advice about integrating technology (of any kind) in an organization, what would it be? • What’s the best use of immersive or interactive technology within your organizatio