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Very Stable Genius - Lee Hartman
Seeded by leehartman on 29 Sep 2020
Author: Nicholas Phillips
"Very Stable Genius" was wcomposed by Lee Hartman for the #45miniatures project Nicholas Phillips, piano Subtitled "a tiny toccata in reaction to a tiny man with tiny ideas and tiny hands" Composer note: Very Stable Genius is based on the tweeted ramblings of the 45th President of the United States. The pieces uses a matrix of 140 pitches (a non-serial 12x12 matrix with the corners eliminated) that invert and retrograde back upon themselves. When played at a high speed, it creates a dizzying effect. Other methods like soggetto caveat, Morse code, and repeated As for the screaming of sane people everywhere--think "AAAAAAAA!"--are used throughout.