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ASO Music Education: Found Sound
Seeded by anchoragesymphony on 1 Jul 2020
Author: anchoragesymphony
Elizabeth Hunt, Classroom Music Specialist, Anchorage School District, leads us in a music lesson from home: Found Sound, featuring the Hunt Trio! Found Sound is using every day sounds to make rhythms and to make music. Found Sound can be anything you can find that isn't a conventional instrument.... Found Sound is layering rhythms on top of each other. So you take a basic rhythm and maybe a basic object, add another rhythm and another object, and all of a sudden you have something amazing and fun! How can you make an instrument out of materials in your home? -Some ideas: paper towel rolls, paper plates, empty cans, pots and pans, forks and spoons, beads, rice and tin foil. Learn More: For the perfect Found Sound in concert with your ASO --- ASO Home ---