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Organist Cameron Carpenter takes Bach on the road: Classical concert for corona lockdown
Seeded by rcm on 11 Jun 2020
Author: DW Classical Music
American organist Cameron Carpenter plays Johann Sebastian Bach’s Goldberg Variations as well as the Prelude and Fugue in E-flat Major as part of his tour through the German capital, bringing Bach to elderly people isolated by the coronavirus pandemic. For world-famous musician Cameron Carpenter, it's a chance to take to the stage, despite the coronavirus restrictions. It's his way of trying to make the corona lockdown more bearable, with 32 concerts in four days - a performance schedule made possible by sponsors, local authorities and the police. "All you need is Bach" was the motto of Cameron Carpenter's performances for senior citizens in Berlin. Cameron Carpenter became the first organist to ever be nominated for a Grammy Award for his solo album, "Revolutionary" (2009). Cameron Carpenter takes a secular view of organ music: he not only serves the classical organ repertoire, but also plays arrangements of piano and orchestral music. According to his own statement, he arranged the
Instrument: Organ