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"Little Milton on the Beach" (Andreas Makris) duet for two violins
Seeded by andreasmakris on 8 Jun 2020
Author: Alex Price
For business, lessons, & questions - Nicole Gillotti (1st violin) and I (2nd) performed this last night on a string department recital at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Nicole and I are both double instrument music education majors at IUP. She studies violin and trumpet while do I guitar and viola. I picked up violin in January 2013 and have been studying that since. The piece has three movements: 1) Moderato - 0:00 2) Andante - 4:08 3) Allegro - 8:21 This duet was written in a matter of hours and was inspired by the composer's admiration of watching his young son frolicking on the beach. The first movement depicts the child's gaiety and excitement of playing in the sand and the ocean waves. The slow section indicates the calmness of a lullaby and the afternoon quiet. The last movement suggests a lively dance for the waking youngster, and reflects the Greek origin of the composer. Andreas Makris (Greek: ??d??a? ?a????; March 7, 1
Composer: Andreas Makris