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ECSO Music in the Homes - Colleen Thorburn - harp
Seeded by Evan on 6 May 2020
Author: Eastern Connecticut Symphony Orchestra
ECSO has transformed its popular Music in the Schools grant-funded program into Music in the Homes. These videos are a free resource for all to use to ensure that music education stays present in at-home curriculum. Colleen Thorburn is the Principal Harp for the ECSO. In her contribution to our program, she explains in detail an instrument that always stands on on stage - the harp! Using a camera on the floor, she captures some of the action that is not usually seen at a concert. She also imitates a stray cat in the rain with her playing, explains what the pedals and levers do, and much more. Our gratitude extends to the R.S. Gernon Trust and James P. and Mary E. Shea Perpetual Trust for their funding of the original Music in the Schools program.