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Intro: PENDERECKI Cadenza for Solo Viola
Seeded by iecontent1 on 7 Apr 2020
Author: Curtis Institute of Music
This week’s Curtis Is Here theme is “Music for One.” We couldn’t think of any more appropriate musical metaphor for this period of self-isolation than the solo instrumentalist performing on stage alone. The pieces we’ve selected this week exemplify not only the solitary performer, but the empathy, connection, and personal expression we’ve seen develop in our communities during this difficult time. We’d also like to dedicate this week to the composer Krzysztof Penderecki, who died on March 29. His passing marked the loss of not only one of the most revered composers of our time, but an iconic figure in the entire history of music. Penderecki was Curtis’s composer in residence in 2013–14, and his Cadenza for Solo Viola is the first featured piece this week. A musical “cadenza” is usually a free-form part of a larger work, reserved for a performer to showcase technical virtuosity and emotional range. Often in concertos for soloist and orchestra, the cadenza is the point where the orches