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MUSIC AND TIME: Morton Feldman’s Palais de Mari
Seeded by dacameraofhouston on 4 Apr 2020
Author: Da Camera of Houston
One of the essential elements of music is the way it defines time. In the simplest of comparisons, three minutes of fast music and three minutes of a slow adagio or a ballad will allow us to experience that equal measure of time very differently. As we all stay at home during this period of semi-confinement, many of us are noticing how, with the interruption of our normal daily routines, our sense of time is disrupted. For some, without the stimuli of engaging with others or moving about physically, this time may be become unusually slow, and even empty. It is as though our lives are missing the musical bar lines by which we usually measure the day. But slowing down our inner clocks can also help us arrive at a greater sense of peace in times of anxiety, and offer an opportunity for patience and focus of attention that we don’t always have. In normal times, the pace of outward life can dominate, even if it is in tension with our inner tempo. As our habitual markers of the day now disa