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Baltimore Symphony; "Americana Symphony" (IV. Open Plains Hoedown) by Mark O'Connor
Seeded by markoconnor on 6 Jan 2020
Author: Mark O'Connor
For More YouTubes of Mark O'Connor: Americana Symphony (Movement III: "Different Paths Towards Home") - composed by Mark O'Connor Performed by the Baltimore Symphony, Marin Alsop conductor. IV. Open Plains Hoedown – This movement is a characteristic variation in the form of a dance called the hoedown. The hoedown is a uniquely American musical mélange… a complex combination of reels derived from Ireland and Scotland, two hundred years of musical contributions of African-American slave fiddlers, as well as early 20th century Southeastern Bluegrass fiddlers and Texas contest fiddlers. With this movement, the hoedown creates what my score suggests as a “Swift Gallop” across the prairie. I want the listener to “see” the dust being kicked up by the wagons and horses as the prairie dogs and rabbits do their own hoedown and scurry out of the way! There is a section described in the music as “Indian Dance” that the hoedown develops suggesting the exc
Composer: Mark O'Connor