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Life Amidst Large Aquatic Mammals-- Alex Shapiro
Seeded by alexshapiro on 23 Nov 2019
Author: Alex Shapiro
Sometimes while refilling the bird feeders on my deck, I’m interrupted by sounds from daily life, like, say, when one of our cats upchucks a hairball in the background. Ooh, lovely! Other times, like yesterday afternoon, I’m interrupted by a different, even more attention-getting sound, as you’ll hear and see below. I began slapping together a quick video to post of a few frames from this encounter, when yet another imposing visitor swam by. Having a wide-eyed moment of, “I’m in between mixing a track and filling score orders and fixing a typo in an old bassoon part and omg I can’t believe these creatures are as natural a part of my routine as all that stuff is," inspired me to compile several of my Autumn 2019 *highly amateur* home movies of the very large aquatic mammals who regularly appear on my doorstep (which is really more like a resort swim-up bar). If you happen to live in a city, or inland, as shaky as my camera work is, you might get a kick out of experiencing what life
Composer: Alex Shapiro