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Rob McClure Opens Up About MRS. DOUBTFIRE
Seeded by 5thavetheatre on 13 Nov 2019
Author: 5thAvenueTheatre
“At the core of this show is what is the love between a parent and a child, and just how far will a parent go for that child?” Mrs. Doubtfire star Rob McClure opens up about his joy in fatherhood and in Mrs. Doubtfire-hood in this video short! McClure will dazzle audiences as Daniel Hillard and his iconic alter ego in this unforgettable Broadway-bound musical. A heartfelt and hilarious story about the lengths we’ll go to for our loved ones, Mrs. Doubtfire is the next big musical comedy hit for the whole family*. Don’t miss your chance to see it before it’s a world-wide hit!
Presenter: 5th Avenue Theatre