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Salamone Rossi: Sonata quarta sopra l'aria di Ruggiero Voices of Music 4K
Seeded by voicesofmusic on 19 Oct 2019
Author: Voices of Music
Salamone Rossi's variations over the "Ruggiero" ground bass. Live, 4K video from the Voices of Music "Concerto delle Donne" concert, October, 2019. Performed on original instruments. Salamone Rossi (??????? ???? or ???? ?? ???????) was a pioneer in the development of the trio sonata and the violin. Book three was published in Venice in 1613, and our edition was made from the extant 1623 print. Rossi uses the repeating harmonic pattern, or ground bass for most of the sonata, breaking out in a walking bass at the conclusion. The ground bass was known in the 17th century as "Ruggiero," probably a reference to Ariosto's immmensely popular Orlando Furioso ("Ruggier, qual sempre fui, tal esser voglio"). Voices of Music Hanneke van Proosdij & David Tayler, directors Elizabeth Blumenstock & Alana Youssefian, baroque violins Elisabeth Reed, viola da gamba Hanneke van Proosdij, harpsichord David Tayler, baroque guitar
Ensemble: Voices of Music