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HSO Cellist Josh Nakazawa performing Frederic Chopin Op.25 No.7 (Arr. Glazunov)
Seeded by iecontent2 on 9 Oct 2019
Author: Hawaii Symphony
Some insight into the recording from Josh: This recording of Frederic Chopin’s Op.25 No.7 was recorded with a different recording technique! I wanted to capture a front-row experience - picking up all the small nuances from the cello such as the very end of a harmonic, or the color changes in vibrato during PPP sections. I also wanted a deeper richer bass experience- we used 5 different mics on 5 separate tracks. 1.inside the piano 2. Right over the cello 3. At the foot of the stag 4. Out in the hall 5. Direct pickup input on the cello. It was still recorded in one take, so the live recording aspect is still preserved, however recording this way allowed for nuances from the cello that would have naturally been overpowered by the piano, to be delicately mixed back in. So it should sound rich and full like the cello is right there in the room with you on a home stereo system, and you should feel some juicy cello bass tones when in the car. So pump up the volume and get in touch if