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Secrets of The 5th: The Trap Room
Seeded by 5thavetheatre on 16 Sep 2019
Author: 5thAvenueTheatre
The 5th Avenue Theatre was constructed in the 1920s - and is still standing strong today. There are many areas and special rooms that are often not seen by the general public, from backstage, to storage areas deep in the basement, to hidden ones that are vital to what we do... like the Trap Room! We're excited to share our new series, Secrets of The 5th, which provides a behind-the-scenes peek at some of these areas that are part of what make our home special and uniquely able to create the great musical theater you see season after season. For this installment, Technical Director Erik Holden takes us to the Trap Room, the open space below our stage that is literally responsible for the magic you see in our productions time and time again.
Presenter: 5th Avenue Theatre