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Dervis Mustafa (16th century?) - nihavent - devr-i kebir (collected by Cantemir) NEW COLLEGIUM
Seeded by cmdh on 22 Aug 2019
Author: New Collegium
Dervis Mustafa (Turkey, 16th century?) - nihavent - devr-i kebir collected by Dimitrie Cantemir (Kantemiroglu - Moldavia, 1673 - Russia, 1723) New Collegium Inês d’Avena, recorder Melody Yeomans, traverso Nina Hitz, baroque cello Marianna Soroka, percussion Claudio Ribeiro, harpsichord & artistic direction concert at the Musica Antica da Camera series - recording: Jac. Peeters recorded live at the Paleiskerk The Hague, 5 April 2018